About Us


The idea for Taylor & Taylor Law came about from its founders' service as judicial clerks. During their clerkships, Mr. and Ms. Taylor observed that small firms are often at a disadvantage in the federal courts and courts of appeal. Because these firms frequently focus on state-court trial practice, they often lack the time and resources to dedicate to the knowledge of procedure and the intensive written advocacy that define practice in the federal courts and the courts of appeal. Taylor & Taylor Law was founded to level the playing field in these courts by assisting the small-firm practitioner in formulating strategy, navigating the courts' rigidly-enforced procedures, and writing briefs and motions.


Judicial clerkships gave the attorneys at Taylor & Taylor Law a unique perspective on litigation. They had the opportunity to learn written advocacy from the perspective of the courts they served. Additionally, they each learned the nuances of procedure in these courts, as well as the competitive advantages that an intimate understanding of these procedures can provide. As a result of this perspective, Taylor & Taylor Law can advocate with the viewpoints of both the litigator and the court in mind.


In both judicial service and private practice, the attorneys at Taylor & Taylor Law learned that often-overlooked procedural issues — subject matter jurisdiction, personal jurisdiction, venue, choice of law, etc. — frequently determine the outcome of a case. Collectively, the attorneys at Taylor & Taylor Law have spent thousands of hours researching and writing on such procedural issues, ranging from routine jurisdictional challenges to cutting-edge aspects of Constitutional law and statutory interpretation. Additionally, the attorneys know from experience that thoroughness and attention to detail are critical both at the trial court level and on appeal. The firm's creative approach to litigation, along with the attorneys' research and writing skills, can level the playing field for the small-firm practitioner.